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This contains my recommendations on what to do during your stay in Anthem, Arizona, including where to eat and where to go for your financial needs. Welcome To Anthem, Arizona! This beautiful place to live is a very clean, quiet, and peaceful, located in Maricopa, Arizona. I have been living in Anthem, Arizona, for more than a year, and I am proud to say that this place is excellent. You need to drive for 45 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix. Come and Visit my town!


If you are on vacation in Anthem, you must visit Anthem Community Park. This is a great park to hang out with your family, and the youngsters might enjoy the playground standing at the park. You can also try fishing on the pond, visit various sports facilities, and stay at the picnic place peacefully with your family.

If you are in Anthem, this place is a must visit. A great park to hangout with family. Kids will really enjoy at the playground. They have a fishing pond, various sports facilities, playground and a place for picnic.

After getting from church with my family, we visited the park and enjoyed the calm and fair weather. They have different activities to try like the carnival, business expo, try the foods, there are also craft vendors, egg hunting, and listening to live music. We looked around the business expo. And after that, we tried riding the train as we went back into being kids. The train travelled around the park, and by riding it, you will be able to see the beautiful view of the park’s whole scenery. Easter egg hunt made the day of the children as we visit the Anthem Community Park.

If you are interested in the beauty of nature, you can visit the lake, and you will see the waterfalls, ducks floating above the water, and birds chirping energetically. Some people usually catch fish using their fishing rods and enjoying the climate. And by weekends, some random families visit the place and resting on their picnic space. Some citizens go for a walk with their pets like dogs. There is also a memorial in the park that worth visiting, the Veterans Memorial with a monument that honors the veterans from various military branches.


Outlets At Anthem:
Staying in your room or rented place will make you feel bored, so go out and try visiting the Outlets at  Anthem. You will find diverse selections of branded items like Coach, Calvin Klein, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others. You will fascinate the tallest Christmas tree in the Outlets at Anthem when the Christmas season comes. This is a well-managed outdoor mall that everyone could visit. You can also bring your children while buying kinds of stuff and let them enjoy and play at the playground with small splash pads.


Where to eat: Tortas Chano

After going out to buy clothes and other things, you can try different foods at the restaurants. Go to Tortas Chano, which is owned by a Mexican family, located just next to the Shopping Center. This restaurant was formerly known as “Robertos” It was featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dive Food Network by Guy Fieri. Come by and try their specialties. They have a burrito, taco salad, al pastor, carnitas, chile relleno, which is my favorite, and many more listed on their menu.

Their salsa is famous globally. They transport them to different countries. Not only that, but they also have a variety of beverages to choose from as you go and dine in. Horchata, Jamaica, Tamarindo, and Margarita can be your refreshments that will surely strike your whole body with a pang.


Can you believe that they also cater to different kinds of events? Yes! And for more information, you can dial 623-465-1515 and let them be the one to take care of your next event!

Where to stay: Hampton Inn

If you still have a problem with your place to stay in, you should try staying at Hampton Inn. They offer a friendly hotel, and it is just located at 42415 North 41st Drive Anthem Arizona, a 5-minute walk from the outlets and a mile from the park.


Copper State Credit Union:
Are you having a problem with your financial needs? Do not worry because Copper State Credit Union (Deer Valley Credit Union) is behind your back. It is only located at 3428 W Anthem Way Anthem Arizona, and since I migrated here, they’ve taken care of my credits. They have a variety of services that will satisfy your expectations for your banking needs. They also have a friendly staff that you can lean on. So try visiting Deer Valley Credit Union for your own needs.

If you have a place to suggest that can be added to the content, you can drop it down and discover what we can do while staying at Anthem, Arizona. Thank you!


  • It was a nice day with your family, Anthem days event was really fun and have a lot of activities to do and enjoy together with your family or friends in Anthem, Arizona. You took also nice photos and videos. Thanks for sharing this experience of yours to us.

  • This looks like a really lovely city indeed. The community park looks really ideal for a family day out with lots to see and do. It definitely looks like a picturesque place.

  • I’ve been in Arizona only for one day. but I really like the weather there and landscapes are very beautiful. I hope to back there this summer again 😉

    • Indeed! Tons to see and do here in Arizona. I’ve been exploring Arizona with my family every weekend. I love it. Been to Grand Canyon and Sedona, it’s such a beautiful landscape. Thanks Lena. See you here in Arizona

    • Thank you Pooja. This is the town where I live. It’s just a small town but I love it. I’d be exploring more of Arizona. Hope to see you here.

    • Thanks Christopher. Anthem is a northernmost town of Phoenix Arizona USA. Checkout more of our Arizona roadtrips to have an idea on what to see here in Arizona.

    • Hi Ana, Anthem is the northernmost town of Phoenix. It’s just a small, but clean and peaceful town. And just an hour and half to Sedona. I live here for more than a year now and still exploring more of Arizona. Checkout more of our family roadtrips here in Arizona. Thanks much!

  • First of all thanks for visiting my site. I think my first time to read about Arizona and see how beautiful it is. More photos please… 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks much Vinneve. This post is just about the small town of Anthem where I live. It’s the northernmost town of Phoenix. But tons of things to see here in Arizona like Grand Canyon and Sedona and Tucson area. I live here for more than a year now and I love it. Visit more of my post with my family roadtrips here in Arizona. I hope you will get an idea if you want to explore Arizona as me and my family wil be exploring more of it. Thank you so much

  • Arizona looks like a nice place to visit and I think exploring it is a great adventure and experience for me and that Anthem event really looks so fun.

    • Tons of things to do and see here in Arizona. Checkout more of my post of our family adventure here in Arizona like Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Havasu, Pleasant, and Tucson area and more. Anthem is just an hour and half to Sedona. I’ll be exploring more of Arizona with my family. Thank you so much for reading.

  • The last few times I’ve been to Arizona, all I could think of was that it was too hot for me. They did have a good selection of Mexican food for sure! Oh! I would love those homemade tamales!

    • Thanks much Lexie! Yes, Tortas Chano has the best homemade tamales in town. During summer, Arizona is trully hot. But the rest of the year I love the weather.

  • Anthem sounds like a really quaint small suburban city! I have only stopped in Arizona for a short layover, but I hope to at least go back and visit the state in the future.

    • Arizona is waiting you Rachel. And I love Anthem where I live. I can go north and see Sedona for just an hour and half or go south and explore the Tucson area. I’ll be exploring more of Arizona with my family. Thanks for your comment.

  • I have yet to visit Anthem, Arizona but it sounds like a lovely city. I’ve only been to Sedona and didn’t realize Anthem was so close.

    • Thank you Autumn. I love Arizona. Tons to see and do here. Checkout more of my post about Arizona Family Toadtrips @

  • Arizona is beautiful and also its public parks. Thanks for inviting us forba virtual tour! I wish to visit someday.

    • Yes there are many wonderful public parks in Arizona. Please checkout my blog for our Arizona family roadtrips. Thanks much

    • Thanks Puneet. Anthem is just a part of Arizona. Checkout more of my family roadtrips here in Arizona like Grand Canyon and Sedona and Tucson. Thanks much

  • Wow, this is a nice place! It’s serene, with some modernization, but still laid back. Perfect for a growing family like ours to live in!

  • I have a cousin in Arizona and she always raves about how amazing it is, I’ve been wanting to head out and visit. Looks like a beautiful place!

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