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Visit Arizona: Apache Junction

 Welcome To Our Family Adventure!

Hi! We are the Amaya family. We love road trips. We are exploring Arizona and neighboring places. When you think of Arizona, you’ll probably think of desert, cactus, and hot weather! However, Arizona  offers many pristine Lakes and magnificent mountain views. Checkout more of my blogpost of the places that we’ve visited here in Arizona. It is one of the most interesting place to visit in the USA. If you’ve never considered an Arizona road trip or vacation, now is the time to rethink your next trip. There’s a lot to see and beautiful places to visit in Arizona.

Apache Junction:

Apache Junction is a place in Arizona that is not familiar to me. I am sure most of you knew Grand Canyon, Sedona or Phoenix if someone mention or ask about Arizona. I am very grateful for having a chance in life to see and explore these wonderful places and share it to you.

Apache Junction is a home to the majestic Superstition Mountains. It is located about forty miles east of downtown Phoenix and more than an hour to drive from Anthem Arizona where we live. Many tourists and locals enjoy the activities like camping, hiking, golf, horseback riding and water sports. Our first visit to Apache Junction was just for jet skiing at Canyon Lake. We drove from Anthem Arizona to Canyon Lake. As we are approaching Apache Junction, I love the wonderful scenery. Superstition Mountain has such an amazing view.

Canyon Lake:

Canyon lake is one of the many beautiful lakes here in Arizona located in Apache Junction, Arizona. As we drove to Canyon Lake, I’ve noticed the gold color rocks formation. Indeed! Arizona is not just about desert but this place is blessed with many beautiful scenic view.

Jet Skiing:

We had a blast riding our Kawasaki jet ski and enjoying the water. I’m so glad that my daughter loves riding the jet ski and never felt scared. 

We’ve been to many lakes here in Arizona, but Canyon lake is such a great place to visit and hang out with family and friends. The scenic view, the colors of the Canyon is so amazing.

Marina and Campgound:

There are many areas in Canyon Lake for picnic, boating, jet skiing, camping, kayaking and more with stunning scenery. But I love the Marina and Campground. They have everything you need to enjoy your stay at Canyon Lake. If you don’t have your own jet ski,  they have boat for rent to explore the Canyon Lake or you can ride on a Dolly Steam Boat and cruise the salt river. If you love camping, they have campsite and RV site too.

Restaurant and Lounge:

After 2 hours of enjoying the water and jet skiing at salt river, we dine in at their lakeside restaurant. They have a great menu and the staff are incredibly friendly. It was my daughter’s birthday, so they gave us a free ice cream. Such a memorable day for us.

GoldField (Ghost Town):

As we drove back to Anthem  Arizona, we stopped at Goldfield Ghost Town. There are many things to do here. We enjoyed the exhibits of the history of the place. You can also try their zip line, ride the train, Gold Mine Tour, or Apache trail tours. We would definitely go back to try all their activities. We don’t have enough time to explore since it’s only one day trip.

Thanks for reading! Until next road trip!

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