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Things To Do this Quarantine Season a Fruitful One

The 2019 New Corona Virus (COVID – 19), being declared as a pandemic, has affected millions of lives. If you open the television or internet today, you will be bombarded with news about people from all over the world being put into quarantine. Under this time, people are not around to go outside except for emergency purposes like buying food and medicine and going to the hospital. So, people are compelled to stay indoors whether they like it or not. The human tendency would tell that it seems to be a boring time to be indoors, especially for those who are used to going out. In this write-up, I have prepared for you a list of the things that you can do while on this quarantine season.

1. Bond with the Family

First on the list is to bond with your family. Busy working days would usually mean that you have to be outside for about eight hours. This limits the time you spend with your family, especially with the kids. Now that you are given a chance to stay at home, this is an ideal bonding time for all of you. Sit together, share random stories, open up, eat over your favorite meal, and enjoy the moments!

2. Read Books

Reading books is also another good idea. If before you do not have the time to sit and read your favorite book, nourish your soul using the insights brought by books, either fiction or non-fiction. Grab a cup of coffee, sit in your favorite spot in the house, and enjoy a book or two.

3. Do some Cooking or Baking

Show your family what you are capable of! Let them see how you work your magic in the kitchen. Prepare the family’s favorite dish or bake some cookies or even cake. Not only will it satisfy your cravings, but it will also make the people who will eat the food feel unique and valued.

4. Do Some Gardening

Though you are compelled to stay indoors, you still have to see a bit of sunshine! Head to your garden or veranda and give the plants and flowers the much-needed tending that they deserve. You get the sunshine and fresh air that you need and, at the same time, the plants the attention they need.

5. Go for Online Job

If you have tried all the items above and you still have some spare time, then maybe looking for part-time online gigs would be a fruitful thing to do. If you have the talent in writing, then write articles for employers. If you are gifted in editing photos and videos, then you would surely find someone online ready to hire you. Not only you get to enjoy your time with the family, but you also get to earn while at home.

6. Some “ME” Time

Come up with a routine to make yourself nourished. Either it’s in the form of yoga, exercise, reflection, or even prayer. Free online classes on yoga and exercise are now available due to the quarantine. So, you might as well take advantage of it. Online recollections and masses can also be seen online. For as long as you something for yourself that nourished your body and soul, then do it.

People who are given the privilege to stay at home during these difficult times are blessed. So, instead of being grumpy because you are unable to go out, think of the frontliners (medical practitioners, grocery workers, bank employees) who are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones to make sure that you safe. After all, this time it is not supposed to be a boring time for you still do a lot of fruitful things while at home. Stay safe!

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