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How to Start a Blog: The Top Things To Remember

There are different reasons why people would join the world of blogging. First, people would like to express their innermost feeling. Blogs serve as their outlet in releasing their ideas and emotions. Second, people would like to entertain. They would like to keep other people informed, happy, and entertained. Lastly, perhaps they would also like to earn from it. A lot of blogs nowadays would receive a small commission when they feature something on their respective blogs. Though it may not be lucrative, it is their way of doing what they love and, at the same time, earning something from it. In this article, we will try to explore the different things that you have to remember in beginning your journey in the world of blogging

1. Choose your Niche
Choosing your niche would mean that you have to identify the area that you are excellent. By doing this, you can come up with outstanding and impressive entries because it is something that you are personally invested in. If you are interested in music, then going for a blog that focuses on anything music-related is a good idea. You have to identify your main passion for identifying your niche. This may be music, cooking, travels, inspirational stories, reflections, make-up, fashion, and a lot more.

2. Research about the How-Tos
Research on how to set-up a blog. This may take time, but once you are entirely into it, everything will come easy. There are varies websites that offer microblogging features (like WordPress, for example). Look for a blogging site that is easy to maneuver and offers fantastic features and privileges.

3. Make a Routine
You have to come up with a schedule. The idea of blogging is that you have to be consistent. Remember that you might have followers that are always looking forward to your entries. So, come up with a schedule. If you promise that you are going to upload every week, then choose a day in a week where you will do it. This will allow your followers or subscribers to sync their schedules with your writing and posting schedule.

4. Do not Hesitate to Promote
Other bloggers would be very shy to let their friends know about their blogs. Perhaps, they fear that they will be judged, or people might make fun of them. The truth is, you have to brace yourself and let them know about it. It might not be easy, but it will be very comforting to know that people are aware of what you are up to. Who knows? They might also help you in inviting people to read your blogs.

5. Meet New Acquaintances
Networking is vital. You may find other bloggers out there and communicate with them. Share best practices and build a strong network. Once in a while, mentioning them on your blogs is a good idea, for they will also the same to you. They get to increase their readers, and you also get to gain additional readers. So, it is a win-win situation.

6. Be Genuine
Your readers will know if you are investing yourself and your heart in your write-ups. It is either they will find it engaging or might see it as a “faking” kind of article. Do not hesitate to express the real you in your write-ups. As your readers begin to read your blog, let them know you through your words. The more genuine you are, the more that they will be drawn into you.

7. Provide Factual Information
Blogging is not purely bluffing. More than the entertainment factor that you can provide to your readers, informing them of what is real and what is not is also one of the responsibilities of a blogger. If you are asked to feature a product, then, by all means, give an honest review through your blog. Sponsorship matters, but what matters most is the loyalty and the safety of your dear readers.

8. Keep Your Passion Burning
There might be times that you will feel that it is too tiring to write. I know how it feels. You might think that you are too exhausted to share something. You might think that you are not appreciated, or no one cares about what you have to say. Regardless of all the difficulties of blogging, always keep the fire burning! Ignite your passion for writing! Do not let the circumstances stop you from expressing your precious thoughts.

Making use of your talent in writing can bring you to places. So, if you are thinking of beginning a blog anytime soon, this list of tips is definitely for you. I wish you a meaningful experience ahead as you start your blogging journey. Good luck!

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  • Great tips! Research is important for creating a game plan before getting started. It helps to have goals with an outline of how to reach them. Also, I’ve recently realized how important and helpful networking with other bloggers is and have been focusing on that. And a routine and schedule are critical to staying on task, getting things done, and being productive. Thanks for these suggestions! Very helpful for beginner bloggers or people wanting to start their own blog! – Briana @ Next Destination Unknown |

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