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Amaya’s Journey

Month: October 2020

Exploring The Marvels of Flagstaff Arizona

One of the things that we are continually looking forward to is the once in a while day get-away. Given this chance, we pack our day essentials, prepare the needed food, and hit the room for a fantastic day adventure.… Continue Reading…

Travel Tips in the Philippines

If you have come across this article, it only means that you are on your way to the Philippines, or you are currently playing the idea of visiting this beautiful country. With vibrant culture and tradition, excellent hospitality, scenic and… Continue Reading…

The Amaya’s Top 12 To Go Places in Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte If it is view paired with hiking that you are looking for, then the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte is the perfect place for you. The view of the bell rock and the journey in… Continue Reading…