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A Day in Page Arizona: Visiting the Best Tourist Spots

The small town of Page in Arizona was established back in 1957. Since then, it had gradually developed into a haven and natural scenic town – attracting several increasing tourists each year.

Antelope Canyon
At Antelope Canyon

With all the areas to visit paired with the warmth of people, it is undeniably one of the boosting places in terms of tourism in Arizona.

The best time to visit Page will also depend on the type of activities that you would like to try. If you are into boating and jet skiing and experience, then heading during the summer or spring season is the ideal time.

Generally, the place is usually flocked during the fall and spring season since there are the times where the temperature tends to be mild to warm. Here are the areas which you could do in your one day visit to Page.


Carl Hayden Visitor Center   

Hayden Visitor Center is the place to go if you are into sightseeing type of activity. As you head here, the facility is conveniently ready for you to admire the scenic view of the rock formations and of the lake. Unfortunately, due to some restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 situation, the center is currently close to visitors. So, make sure that you check their advisory before including it in your itinerary.


Glen Canyon Dam Overlook  

The picturesque view of the Glen Canyon Dam is one of the top-sought views in Page Arizona. Of course, taking photos while having the dam as the backdrop is the ideal pose. Not only you get to see the view in person, but you also get to take home memorable photos which you could look back in the future.


Jet skiing/boating at lake Powell

The famous Lake Powell should be part of the itinerary. As one of the top recreation spots in Page, jet skiing, boating, and even fishing are some of the activities that you and the entire family can enjoy in this place. If you are into more glam type of experience, you may also check out the houseboat vacations offered in Lake Powell.

Explore Antelope Canyon by Water

The world-famous Antelope Canyon also offers you the opportunity to explore the area through the water – yes, I am talking about available boat tours! Why settle for a long-distance type pf sightseeing if you can see everything up-close through this boat tour? Enjoy the experience, take lots of photos, and admire the beauty of the place.


Horseshoe Bend

The horseshoe-shaped meander is one of the natural wonders of Page. To admire its beauty, heading to the cliff opposite to it is the spot to go to. The journey may take some time and effort, but the view of it will be worth it. No wonder that it has been famously published in most of traveller’s social media posts.


The day of adventure will not be complete without trying some of the food hubs in Page. For breakfast, I highly recommend the Ranch House Grill. As for the lunch and dinner, giving the Big John’s Texas BBQ is the best idea. Both of these offer a fantastic menu, superb service, and a relaxing environment – perfectly suited for a refreshing dining experience.

More so, if you feel that there would be a need for you to extend your trip for a while, very comfortable accommodation is also available in the area – the Wingate by Wyndham. As you head here, you will get the much-needed night relaxation and sleep that your body needs after a day of adventure.


The only tip that I can give if you are planning to visit Page is to look for the websites of places which you plan to visit. This will help you identify if these are open on your scheduled date. As we all know, several restrictions are implemented across the states in the past months. So, better be sure by checking possible advisories. Take care, and have lots of fun!

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