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A Day Trip to Sedona

Our goal in life as a couple is to travel together with our daughter Jeanen. We are very excited for our first adventure here in the US.

When my husband told me that we’re going to visit Sedona, I can’t wait to get there.

How excited I am since I only saw that place on magazines and pictures on the internet when I am still in the Philippines. So, here’s what I can share with you about our road trip to Sedona.

It took about an hour and a half to travel by car from Anthem, Arizona where we live.  It’s not that long drive. You will enjoy your travel going north.

Sedona, Wow! amazing place! When we get there I don’t want to leave anymore. What a breathtaking scenery. I fell in love with this beautiful God made scenery. I would still want to visit Sedona again someday. We visited Sedona twice. One day is not enough to experience and see the beauty of Sedona.

Many families go on camping here. Maybe one day we will try too.

The Sedona Experience

I am very grateful to experience and explore beautiful places like Sedona. It is a paradise in The middle of Arizona desert. You will be amazed at its beauty with those red rocks formation.

Our mission in visiting Sedona is to see the  Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is one of the landmarks in Sedona. It’s good that we get there early so we still have space to park the truck.

Even early in the morning, it was already packed with tourists.

Our visit will not be complete without taking a lot of pictures. I want to fill my iPad with memories. 

My daughter and I took a pose on the red rock formation. That’s the front view of the Chapel of Holy Cross.

After visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross we took a trip again to see and feel the nature. We were able to take a photo with the Midgley Bridge. A lot of tourists went on hiking and went down from this bridge. It’s nice to experience hiking. Maybe next time. For now, we will just focus on enjoying the day seeing its beauty.


Then we went to a fishing at Sedona Rainbow Trout Farm. We really enjoyed catching the fishes. You don’t need to bring your equipment to catch those fishes. You will just pay $1 and they will give you fishing equipment and bait. It’s so much fun watching fishes while they’re busy eating the food.  After you catch the fish you can’t release them back to the water. They will clean and put an ice and you need to pay and keep it or barbecue it there. You will see many families on a picnic here. Kids will really enjoy.

Our Second time visiting Sedona just to catch fishes. We will keep coming back to this place. That ’s all for now and thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for lots more of US road trips. I will be updating this post if we have time to visit Sedona again and share more about the place and things to do in Sedona, where to stay, where to eat, what things to bring and many more.

Thank you guys for your time!

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