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Visiting Clifton and Morenci Arizona

One of the best day trips we have ever had as a family was our visit to Clifton and Morenci, Arizona. As part of the state’s towns, it was an exciting adventure for the rest of the family since we have this sort of goal of visiting all the Arizona towns. So, this is indeed an addition to our family list. As I have said, it was a day trip only, for it was the only available schedule we had as a family. We made sure that we planned our itinerary well, checked the van we used in traveling, and prepared all the needed materials and paraphernalia, which we found very necessary for our day trip.

Preparation Phase

The materials we brought were divided into four categories: food, gadgets, hygiene-related items, and money. We made sure that all our tumblers and water containers were filled with cold water under the food category. In this kind of day trip, hydration is very crucial. Along with it, of course, is a set of snacks! We prepared sandwiches and brought some packs of cookies, junk foods, gums, and mint candies. Under the gadget category, we had our mobile phones, IPads, and cameras fully charged. We also brought our charging cords and power banks just if we need an extra boost of batteries. We want to take lots of photos, so we made sure that all our cameras and video devices were ready. For the third category, hygiene-related items, we brought the right amount and supply of toilet paper, wet wipes, tissue, alcohol, and sanitizers. We also packed a pair of clothes to avoid wearing wet clothes because of sweat. Last but not the least category is money. We had cash with us as well as credit cards. We arranged it in handy bags so that it is convenient for us to access whichever it is that we need. Other items inside the bag are sunscreen for skin protection, sunglasses, and an inflatable travel pillow. So, it was safe to say that we came prepared on our scheduled day trip.

The Journey

Coming from Anthem to Morenci, Arizona, a journey in this place is indeed one of a kind. Considered as a mining town in the Southeastern of the State, Morenci also serves as the Freeport-McMoRan’s Copper Mining operation home. To give you an idea of how big it is, it holds the title as the largest copper mine in the entire world. Almost five hours of travel was filled with music and stories. Along the way, there were only a few cars and vehicles in the road – most of which were trailers and cars working for the mining area.

We went to Clifton High School, which was built in 1882. It was no longer operational. So, what could be seen was like a throwback era of reminiscing what the school would look like if it were still working. We took some photos to keep, and I am pretty sure that you would all agree with me in the idea that this place will someday be one of the historical sites in Clifton. We also went to the park. Sat for a while, eating our packed snacks. The Clifton Jail, built-in 1881, was also one of the areas we explored. Stories say that the famous “Billy the Kid” was imprisoned in the same jail within a cave-like structure with jail rooms and rusting shackles. As I read some information about his life, I could not feel anything other than pity, especially when imagining the kid who spent his childhood in prison and eventually died early. Driving around, it could be noticed that there are several abandoned houses and buildings.

We went to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The structure of it was mesmerizing. Not to mention, the welcoming and serene vibes it brought as we entered the Church was also admirable. After this, we headed to Ray’s A Vintage Clifton. This place sells oldies but goodies crafts and items. They have bottles, books, dolls, furniture, kitchen utensils, and numerous paper money from varied countries. Some of the family members brought books, and I opted to go for a bottle with the printed word “Manila” (Capital of the Philippines) in it. As it is lunchtime, we went to the PJ Restaurant. It was a family-owned restaurant offering a variety of foods. We enjoyed our sumptuous lunch.

We then traveled to the next town, the Morenci Mining Town. What we liked about the place was the viewing area intended for visitors. This allowed us to see the entirety of the mining area from afar. No need to worry about safety because this mining company is very compliant with the different rules and regulations. We also went to an area where big mining equipment was available. It is as if watching a movie unfold in your own eyes. Everything seemed to be so massive and big as compared to human size. Indeed, a trip to Morenci gave us a glimpse of how the mining industry looks like. As we head home, we had precious memories of the two towns – Clifton and Morenci. We hope that we could still go back there in the future since we had a fantastic time on our day trip journey in these towns.

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