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Visit Arizona: Clifton and Morenci

Hello everyone! We are the Amaya family and I am documenting and sharing with you our family road trips. We do hope that you enjoy reading and get some ideas on our family road trips. We are trying to explore all the towns here in Arizona, United States. And when my husband told me that we’re going to visit the place where he was born, I couldn’t wait. I’m so excited to see the place where my husband grew up.

So, it’s time to get ready and prepare the things to bring for a one day road trip. Since it’s only a day road trip, we don’t need to bring many things. But here are the important list that we always bring on a road trip.

  1. water/ reusable bottled water- In every road trip we go, water is the most important to keep us hydrated. Especially that it’s our first time to visit there, we do not know if there are stores along the road where we can buy stuffs and we don’t want to keep stopping just to buy water. Staying hydrated is crucial.
  2. Snacks- I always packed snacks everytime we go on road trips. I want to enjoy the trip. I want to feed my eyes and my tummy. I think we will not enjoy the trip if we are hungry. Since we have kids with us, snacks is very important. I also include gums or mint.
  3. Iphone- I always make sure that my iPhone is 100% charged before going on a road trip. I need to capture many photos as much as I want.
  4. Ipad- My iPad is the backup of my iPhone. I don’t have a DSLR camera. Well, you can bring whatever you want as a backup.
  5. Charger/ USB cord- Even if I have a backup for my iPhone, I still need to bring a charger. I’m sure someone needs it.
  6. Extra shirts
  7. Pocket money-well cashes very important as we don’t know the place if all stores accepts card. I’m sure some don’t .
  8. debit/credit card
  9. Sling bag-I always bring with me my sling bag to put all the important things like ID,cards, and money.
  10. Flashlight 
  11. Toilet roll, wet wives, tissue
  12. Travel pillow
  13. Reusable shopping bag/garbage bag
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Sun screen

There are still important things to bring like medicine for headache, hand sanitizer,hairbrush,but we always have it in my husband’s truck so I don’t need to worry about that. Now, since road trip essentials were ready, then we are ready to hit the road.

About Morenci Arizona:

Welcome to mining town of Arizona!

Morenci is located in Southeastern Arizona and is home to the Freeport-McMoRan’s copper mining operation ,the largest copper mines in the world.

We enjoyed our road trip to Morenci from Anthem Arizona. With music in the background while listening to my husband telling stories about his life growing up in Morenci and Clifton Arizona. It took us for about 4 to 5 hours drive to Morenci. As we drove from Anthem to Morenci, I noticed that there are only few vehicles on the road. If you see vehicles, they’re probably working at the mining place or in a road trip also.

Here are more of the photos of the beautiful views and scenery on our trip to Morenci Arizona.

First Stop: Clifton, Arizona

Clifton is the neighboring town of Morenci. As we enter the town, you will see those beautiful rocks walls and wonderful cliffs. I stopped for a moment and took time to look around. My husband told me that he was in this place when it was washed and flooded. I couldn’t  imagine the place when it was flooded. It’s like there will be no place for the people to go if there’s flood. We went to the Clifton Visitor Center to know more information about Clifton and to get the directions on the places where we want to see and to get tips on what things to do in there.

We need to visit first the Clifton High School which was built year 1882. It was where my husband spent his High School years. Sadly, this school was now closed. So, all we did was just took a photo with the school building. I’m sure my hubby has  a lot of great memories in this school. I hope they will not demolish this school building but just develop it into one of the historical sites. I am very grateful for having a chance to visit and explore the place.

We then visited the Historic sites of Clifton Arizona. We parked the truck and explore the place. We walked around at the park, posed and took pictures. The park has a wonderful view.

We tried to get inside the Clifton Jail that was built in 1881 and according to my husband “Billy The Kid” was jailed in there. I am just so curious who is this ” Billy The Kid”. So I tried to google and really give time to read on the story of this kid who died at the young age. I’m sad as I am reading with the life story of this kid. As a mother, my heart was broke and couldn’t imagine if I have a son and will encounter the same thing as “Billy The Kid has” I am sadden. Truly, Clifton has rich in history. It was a great experience to be jailed for minutes. Though the kids was a little bit scared to get inside. It was like a cave but you will see a jail room and shackles inside.

Took a photo with the little steam locomotive. We then went back to the truck and drove around Clifton. Though Clifton is not a tourist attraction but it’s worth to visit to. 

My husband showed us the house where he lived before. It’s still there but no one lives in there anymore. There are many abandoned houses and buildings. The place looks like a ghost town but you will see that there are still many people living in this town.

We parked the truck and walked on the streets. We then visited the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. No one is there, but the church was so clean, then my daughter tried to play on their piano. While I’m listening the music that my daughter played on the piano, I looked around the church and I’m so amazed of the structure.

Then, we visited the Ray’S A Vintage Clifton. It is a place that sells collections of old but cool stuff. We enjoyed reading and looking of their old collections like furnitures, dolls, bottles, books, old kitchen utensils, paper money from other countries and more. My daughter bought an old book. Then I saw a bottle that has a print Manila, so we bought it and an old paper money from Thailand. I’m just so intrigued with this soda bottle why there’s a word “Manila” in there. I’m sure there’s a story behind this bottle. Manila is the capital of the country Philippines, the country where I came from. We bought it as a souvenir. but until now I can’t still find the answer why there’s a word manila on the bottle.

We stopped at PJ’s restaurant for lunch. It is a family owned restaurant located in the heart of Clifton. They have plenty of awesome foods to choose from. It’s a great place to eat for everyone.

After driving around Clifton, we then drove to Morenci Mining Town just a few miles up the road. Such a beautiful view as we headed to the mining area. They have the place where you will see the whole mining area. I’m sure it’s a safe place and this mining company follow the trick safety and environmental protocols and comply those mining regulations. It’s my first time to see a huge tire.

My husband drove us to the place wherein you will see many big mining equipments. The place looks scary. It was so quiet and like a haunted place . No one was there and they are not using those big equipments anymore. It could be a nice historical place or they can make it into a museum and put all those big trucks and equipments there.

After visiting the mining place, we drove back to Clifton and we got a chance to met the former mayor of Clifton. My husband has a great time talking to the former mayor and the friendly people of Clifton.

Now, it’s time to go home and bring all those memories in our hearts. Thanks much for reading! Until next road trip!

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