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Amaya’s Journey

Month: April 2020

Tips in Passing Through Immigration: The Ultimate Survival Tips

Passing through immigration is one of the most threatening experiences I ever had in my life. It still happens up to now, even though I have experienced flying abroad frequently for the past years. Looking at it closely, what scares… Continue Reading…

How to Start a Blog: The Top Things To Remember

There are different reasons why people would join the world of blogging. First, people would like to express their innermost feeling. Blogs serve as their outlet in releasing their ideas and emotions. Second, people would like to entertain. They would… Continue Reading…

Things To Do this Quarantine Season a Fruitful One

The 2019 New Corona Virus (COVID – 19), being declared as a pandemic, has affected millions of lives. If you open the television or internet today, you will be bombarded with news about people from all over the world being… Continue Reading…