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A Step-By-Step Way on How to Make a Blog for Beginners

There are so many online results showing how you will start creating your blog but which of these can help you? Which of these is the easiest way to follow? Numerous numbers of individuals who got interested in blogging had problems starting their curiosity. 

Steps in Starting a Blog

1. Determine your field or topics to post.

2. You need to choose a platform.

3. Think about your blog name.

4. Publish it online.

5. Customize your blog.

6. Write your original content.

7. Promotion.

8. Make money from your interests.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a site wherein it contains written content about different topics which are the blog posts. In these blog posts, you will either be entertained or informed about your interests or any other fields. Many famous individuals are using blogs to promote and show their lifestyles in the public viewers.

Bloggers usually write with their personal experiences and perspective, which provide them with the trust of the readers. In addition to this, some writers are trying to connect with their readers by adding comment sections to ask for their opinions or their perspective regarding the topic.

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Indeed the blogging industry is growing, so it is not just about being entertained on writing but also, it gives you other benefits for yourself. Some of these are:

• Can gain money by writing contents

• Share your ideas and stories

• Promote your businesses and skills

• Social life improvement

How to write blogs by following simple steps? 

STEP 1 – Determine your field or topics to post.

When you already have topics, it is easy for you to write and gain profit from it. Knowing what your readers want to see in your blog will increase the advertising rate of your content. To make it easier, you should choose a niche or topic that is really within your heart or passionate about, and it should be where you are most interested in. By having this topic of your interest, it will differentiate it from the other blogs for you have your perspective about it.

STEP 2 – You need to choose a platform.

When you already have a topic, now look for an appropriate platform. You can find many blogging sites that might help you start your career, but some of them are not really appealing or user-friendly, so choose wisely. In choosing a blogging platform, there are two options: free and self-hosted.

The open platform is like Tumblr, which is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. One of the good things about it is you can use it freely, but the consequence is having more than your expected ads popping as they browse your blog. 

The self-hosted platform allows you to use it and control it, including the contents. The most popular self-hosted platform is, and it is highly recommended by other bloggers who became successful in this field. If you are interested in blogging, getting your domain is better, but you need to pay for it so that they will not get through your actions and especially if you will use your copyrighted materials like photographs. 

STEP 3 – Think about your blog name.

Blog name or Domain name will be the name you will bring throughout your journey in the blogging industry. It will be your unique identification unless you will stop paying for it on your chosen platform. Having a unique domain name will make it easy for the readers to find your contents by just searching it in Google. Most popular domain name ends with “.com”, but you can also choose others depending on purpose like “.net”, “.org” or “.me.”

STEP 4 – Publish it online.

As soon as you get yourself a name, continue by finding a “blog host” or a company that will store your data and together with this is the blogging software. Blogging software is where you will type your text before publishing your content on the blog host. Wordpress is highly recommended to use as a blogging software because it is user-friendly to use.

STEP 5 –  Customize your blog.

This is where you can already make changes on the design of your blog to attract readers. Anyone has their different idea of how they want their blogs to look. Some blogging software has their own “themes” feature where you can choose and click from the available samples om the layout. If the sample themes do not meet your taste in design, you can make your own by customizing it manually depending on the visual aesthetic that you are expecting to have.

STEP 6 – Write your first content.

Your content should not be too formal. You need to communicate with your readers and tell them what’s the truth about your topics. Make it attractive not only by visual views but also in terms of written content to make them appreciate your blog and give them a good impression about your starting pack. Writing blogs does not mean you need to be professional, originality and truth is required to achieve your expected outcomes in this activity.

STEP 7 –  Promotion.

Designing your blog is just the start of it. You need to work twice to promote the blog and attract readers. Using other social media websites, it will be easier for them to follow you. It can also help you if you comment on other’s blog posts and engage with the other readers, not only readers of your content but also the readers of others for them to see your perspective about a different topic and lead them to your blog.

STEP 8 – Make money from your interests.

After achieving enough number of readers and you already posted multiple blog posts, you can earn for it. Take note that it is not easy to maintain it; it takes six to twelve months to have a steady stream of income. Blogging takes courage, dedication, and passion, but when you develop a more substantial amount of improvement, you will see the better side of blogging.

Congratulations! You can start creating your blog now. This article is only a guide on your dream career, and you should try it out. It takes time, but after that, you will realize that this activity is worth it to do if you are either an introvert or extrovert individual. There is a specific niche for you that you can adapt to this activity.

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