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The Top 15 Attractions and Places to Visit in Arizona- An Adventure of a Lifetime

Considered as the 6th largest state in the United States, Arizona has many things to offer for both locals and tourists alike. The place offers a majestic view of the natural landscapes and incredible terrains – making it a hit go-to place by photographers. Either you are here for a short visit or long-term, I am sure that Arizona will give you an experience of a lifetime. So, let us see what the places that are worth the visit to this state are.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

The astonishing formation of red rocks in Grand Canyon National Park, paired with the majestic view of the sunrise or sunset, will make you fall in love as one of the top tourist destinations in Arizona; people who come here are in awe of the view. Observation decks or stations are available for comfortable viewing experience. The millions of years embedded in the rocks’ geologic history will make you feel visiting an ancient spot. For as low as $30 per vehicle, the entire family could already enjoy this national park.

2. Sedona

Visiting Sedona will give you now the total-package experience. From climbing, hiking, horseback riding, cultural tours, 4WD tours, and safaris, there is nothing more that you can miss in Sedona. The view of the natural landscape, trees, experiences, plus the travel going here itself are equally thrilling and exciting. To fully enjoy the experience, I would suggest that you spend a day or two exploring Sedona.

3. Antelope Canyon

I am sure that you have seen an image of this somewhere or over your favorite Hollywood movie. The thing about Antelope Canyon is that you will be permitted to walk in between the beautiful rocks. The pattern in which these rocks were formed, considering that these are all-natural, is merely other-worldly. Do not forget to bring your camera! Suppose you would like to have your photos taken by a professional photographer. In that case, I recommend that you avail their offered special tours since a professional photographer is part of the package inclusions.

4. Lake Powell

Situated in the Colorado River, Lake Powell will also give you a fantastic view of the geological formations of rocks paired with the pristine waters. Boats and other small water gears would allow you to explore the area thoroughly. As you sit quietly, enjoy the calm beauty that Lake Powell has to offer. On the other hand, sitting near the lake’s shore is also a good idea since you can peacefully enjoy the view.

5. Horseshoe Bend

A view of the Horseshoe Bend is like watching a fiction movie. It seems to be unreal, yet it is there. This geological rock formation, naturally shaped like a horseshoe, is situated in the middle of a lake, giving it a more picturesque view. Whether you would like to go here or admire it from afar, both activities will provide you with satisfaction. For only $10 per passenger of a vehicle, I am sure that this place will be worth it—a minimal fee yet astonishing view.

6. Flagstaff

Historic parks, cultural variations, and forestry are just some of the must-see spots in Flagstaff. If you happen to visit in winter, it is also perfect timing since the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort is also located in the same area – yes, it is one reason families often travel here during the winter snow season. Kids are particularly in glee as they try the different slopes in Flagstaff. Adventure course and hiking are also available for those who would like to be more physically engrossed.

7. Prescott

A refreshing visit to Prescott is one of the things that locals are looking forward to, especially when the heat of the weather seems unbearable. It offers a natural and calming breath of fresh air to any visitor. Here, you can find lakes, museums, sanctuaries, and farms, among others. Indeed, the combined countryside and modern vibe of Prescott is a must-try experience. Prescott is the place to go to if you would like to get rid of the busy city.

8. Jerome

Also known as the largest Ghost Town in the United States, Jerome is also worthy of visiting. You can find the old copper mining camp, parks, museums, wineries, and immersion to the beautiful culture. Take a walk in the streets, visit museums, try the cafes, learn from the wineries – yes, all of these are possible. Indeed, a journey here will be worth the effort and time.

9. Montezuma Castle

If you are more into a historical kind of visit, then the Montezuma Castle is very appropriate for your needs. You can witness in this place the journey of the people who spent their lives in the Verde Valley a thousand years ago. Yes, that is how ancient and historical this place is. Viewing the formation of cliffs and experiencing the trails are also some of the thrilling activities in Montezuma Castle.

10. Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is one of the most visited lakes in Arizona. In this place, people are after the swimming, boating, and serene experience. The site is incredibly busy during the summer since many people would like to dip in the lake’s freshwater. I would recommend that you arrive early already to reserve your preferred spot before other tourists’ arrival during the summer.

11. Gold Field Ghost Town

Some of the places you can visit in Gold Field Ghost Town are the Gold Field mine, bakeries, restaurants, and shops. Not to mention, this town’s antique vibes will make you take lots of photos while enjoying the entirety of the town. Bringing your kids here will make them experience the historical beauty of the place.

12. Lake Havasu

Boating, fishing, swimming, and all other water sports can be tried in Lake Havasu. The lake’s swimming area is covered in fine white sand, making it suited for a swimming experience. Fishing, on the other hand, is possible year-round.

13. Kartchner Caverns State Park

The Kartchner Caverns State Park will offer you the cave tour, hiking, doing picnic, and walking activities. The caving and hiking adventures are suited for adults while walking and picnic are kid-friendly. So, the entire family could enjoy visiting this State Park. Engrossed with nature’s beauty, this place will give you a calm and relaxing travel getaway.

14. Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is situated in Papago Park, Phoenix, of Central Arizona. If you are up for a park visit filled with different plant species, this garden is suited for you. Witness the different colors, shapes, and types of plants as you hover around the area. If you happen to visit the place on the second Tuesday of the month, then admission is free. This place is perfect for adults and kids alike. Not only is it aesthetically amusing, but it is also superb educational. Who knows? You and your kids might discover your new planting hobbies or interest by experiencing this place.

15. Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant offers varied activities such as boating, swimming, and even scuba diving. The rick biodiversity that you will see in doing the scuba diving is utterly satisfying. Spending the fine afternoon in this lake will make you utterly relaxed and refreshed while appreciating nature’s peaceful beauty. Taking a tour around the lake’s land area is also a good idea for there are bicycles for rent. So, walking and biking to see the surroundings of the lake is also a top activity.

Arizona is worth the visit. If you are not yet convinced after all the places presented in this list, then I urge you to see it for yourself. I know that as you wander around Arizona and get to see these places personally, you will be delighted that you gave it a shot. So, look for the next available days, plan your itinerary, prepare all the materials that you wish to bring, and encourage the entire family or groups of friends with you. Have fun!

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