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Online Tools to Use in Connecting with Your Loved Ones

Communication nowadays is accessible because of the new technology provided by the inventors of the modern civilization. It can give us a good connection with our loved ones despite having distances between individuals. The following tools or applications will connect you automatically with the people across any region in the world.

  1. Facebook

This application is one of the most used in terms of communicating with people staying outside your location. It has 1.6 Billion active users in current time situation. Its statistic number is continuously growing. Facebook is also active in connecting with the current issues worldwide regarding the latest news about the government, people and the free-living, and news about your interests.

  1. WeChat

Wechat application is popular among Chinese users, but as time passes by, not only Chinese uses this application. Wechat has 1.1 Billion users around the world, and it has a unique feature where you can scan a user’s QR code to easily connect and add them on your list of people to communicate with. Not only that, phone numbers or ID can also be used to search for people and those you know living in nearby places. You can also use it not only by chitchatting but also in booking flights, hailing rides or for payment purposes.

  1. Viber

Viber is a multipurpose application that can be used in making free calls, texts and video calls. You can also send pictures and user-friendly stickers to your chatmates in Viber. Just like in Facebook, mobile, and computer usage of this application is possible. Free group chats and public chats are also available features of this application tools that you can use not only by communicating with your relatives and loving individuals but also in following popular trends about your idols.

  1. Instagram

This social network platform is a free online photo-sharing application that was acquired by Facebook. You are allowed to do video calls, sticker sending, and post and share your latest aesthetic photographs to those who follow you. In September 2017, there were 800 million total active users of Instagram, and it became one of the most popular social media networks around the world.

  1. Telegram

In Telegram, it shows if the status of a friend if he/she is online and you can attach photos, videos and other documents. In terms of security; it claims that everything consisting your account is encrypted and these will not be visible unless it is deciphered. Similar to Facebook messenger, it also has a Secret Chats feature where you can assure that your conversation is secured. There are 200 million monthly active users recorded in the year 2018 and continuously increasing.

There are multiple tools that you can use, but these five applications are the most used worldwide. These contain features that can improve your conversations with your loved ones but take note that man-to-man discussions are better than talking through online. These will help you if the person you want to speak with is outside your location.

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