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The Amaya’s Top 12 To Go Places in Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte

If it is view paired with hiking that you are looking for, then the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte is the perfect place for you. The view of the bell rock and the journey in reaching its place would entail around four and a half-mile of hiking. But as you begin to journey and see your progress towards your destination, all hard work will be paid off. The place also offers parking lots which are conveniently situated in the area. So, you can comfortably leave your vehicle and enjoy the adventure without worrying.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is under the episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. As you head to the place, the curved ramp and textured concrete will welcome you. One of the chapel’s main features is the 27.4 meter or 90 feet tall hanging iron cross – serving two purposes at the same time, structural and aesthetic. The entirety of the chapel will make you feel its grandeur and lasting strength as manifested by its combined solid and textures materials. Yes, a visit here will make you feel peaceful while appreciating its architectural beauty.

Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR179)

The Red Rock Scenic Byway or also known as the State Route 179, is hailed as one of the most scenic drives in Arizona. Most people who have been here would say that the journey itself is the destination. As you are comfortable riding your vehicle, the majestic view of the rock formations on both sides will leave you speechless and in awe. The red rock and sandstone formations will give you a very satisfying journey experience.

Oak Creek Canyon

The Oak Creek Canyon is situated in Coconino National Forest. In here, you could do varied activities like taking a picnic, fishing, and swimming. For those who are more into physical adventure, then a hiking trip is also available. The hiking trail is about 4.8 kilometers and is considered one of the most famous courses in the entire National Forest.

Midgley Bridge

Picnic is one of the most underrated activities. So, the Midgley Bridge will make you appreciate this activity even more. It offers a scenic picnic site situated right at the mouth of the Oak Creek Canyon. As you sit here comfortably, the view of the Mitten Ridge, as well as the red rock landscape, will amuse you. There are available picnic tables and public restrooms for the convenience of visitors. I would suggest that you come a bit early since they only have a limited parking space.

Slide Rock State Park

Hailed as one of America’s Top 10 Swimming Holes, the Slide Rock State Park will indeed give you an ultimate swimming and sliding experience. The 80 feet long and up to 4 feet wide will provide you with adrenaline-rush activities. The water tends to be cold, so checking it first before fully immersing in the water is highly recommended. Simultaneously, the rocks below are very slippery, and walking in it entails extreme caution. Overall, this place is an excellent spot to visit, especially if it is water-related activities that you into.

Village of Tlaquepaque

The word Tlaquepaque means “the best of everything.” With all the products and crafts available for sale in this shopping village, I can say that the best of the best’s items can be found here. The artsy vibe of the products will make you feel so immersed in the local’s culture and tradition. Buying a souvenir from here is highly recommended since you will have plenty of designs to choose from.

Uptown Sedona

Located in the heart of the city, the Uptown Sedona serves as the area’s shopping district. Many goodies could be bought in this place, making the trip here an even more fun thing to do. Aside from that, several cafes and restaurants will awaken one’s appetite. They also have some exotic foods available like a fried cactus or grilled snake! For sightseeing purposes, galleries that showcase the work of known local artists are on display.

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park are among the most-visited places among spiritual seekers in the entire world. The Buddhist Amitabha Stupa provides one the chance to pray and meditate outdoors. The quiet location, peaceful ambiance, and everything about it will give you the much-needed peace of mind and serenity of the soul.

Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm

Fishing in the middle of the desert? Yes, that is what the Sedona’s Rainbow Trout Farm has to offer. This place is often visited by families who would like to spend some quality family time while enjoying the beauty of nature and fishing at the same time. The picnic tables and grilling areas would allow you to cook your freshly caught fishes – making the extra trip memorable through family meal sessions.

Schnebly Hill Road

The Schnebly Hill Road is also known as FR Road 153, is a 12-mile journey that allows visitors to enjoy the view while challenging their adrenaline because of the steep road with rough and curves in the middle part. This scenic route may give you the goosebumps at some point, but its overall fun, adventure, and the panoramic view will make it worth it. It is as if riding in an amusement park.

Red Rock State Park

The stunning scenery that the Red Rock State Park could offer is a hit for all types of travelers. It has trails and varied adventures. A lot of things could be learned and discovered in being in this place. That is why a lot of companies, as well as educational institutions, would choose this place as their field trip destination. It has classrooms, stores, trails, and even an educational theater. With all these things to experience, this State Park is a perfect destination for all.

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