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Travel Tips in the Philippines

If you have come across this article, it only means that you are on your way to the Philippines, or you are currently playing the idea of visiting this beautiful country. With vibrant culture and tradition, excellent hospitality, scenic and picturesque places to go to, the Philippines has been encouraging millions of tourists each year. May it be the Metropolitan, Cebu, Davao, or wherever it may be in the country, I am sure that you are going to experience a one of a kind vacation in this country. So, this write-up aims to equip you with the tips that you have to consider in traveling to the Philippines. Here you go!

1. Research

I can never emphasize enough the importance of getting information about the country and the specific places that you plan to visit. The best thing to do is research! Read online blogs, watch vlogs, or ask friends who’ve been in the Philippines. The more idea you have about the place, the more comfortable and much fun it will be for you.

2. Allot Ample Time to Explore
The tendency of tourists is that they tend to make their itinerary a jampacked one without giving some time to breathe. I am telling you, you have to enjoy every place you visit without having to worry about the time! Organize your itinerary very well in a way that you can experience the area without worrying about missing the next flight and the likes.

3. Bring All Your Essentials

The Philippines is a bit different when it comes to essentials. For instance, you might not see a toilet paper in all the establishments that you are going to visit. So, I urge you to come up with a checklist of the things that you have to bring. This might include emergency medicine kit, toilet paper, wipes, sanitizers, and a lot more.

4. Stay Connected
As soon as you arrived at the airport, look for ways to get an internet connection. There would be stalls available at the arrival hall that offers internet connectivity. Go there, and be sure to purchase an internet subscription. This will be hugely beneficial since you could always consult the internet about the establishments, flight details, directions, and a lot more.

5. Look for Good Money Changers

The first thing that you might look for might be a money changer to change your money into the Philippine currency, Philippine peso. With the number of money changers at the airport, it is better to look around and identify which one offers the best changing rate.

6. Travel Light
The good thing about the Philippines is that it is either wet or dry season, nothing in between. When it says wet, no need to bring wool coats and the likes because it is not that cold. While the dry season would mean that you have to bring light clothes with you since it tends to be hot. Travel light! Do not bombard your luggage with clothes that are too thick because you won’t need it here. Also, it will make it much easier for you to transfer from one place to another if you only have lighter luggage or bag with you.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Filipinos are very hospitable. In terms of doubt about the place or of the direction, do not hesitate to ask. Head to a nearby establishment and ask a security guard. If you happen to be near a police outpost, heading these are asking for direction is also possible. People walking around may also be a source of information. But to be safe and sure, it is better to ask those people in uniform.

8. Look Out for the Traffic

Allot ample time to travel from one place to another. Though transportation is also convenient because of the buses, trains, jeepneys, tricycles, and all other small modes of transportation, it is still recommended that you look out for the traffic, especially if you are staying in a highly urbanized area.

9. Try the Food
Filipinos are very fond of cooking. Try the authentic Filipino cuisine like adobo, sisig, ang sinigang. I am pretty sure that as you head home, you will always crave the unique and delicious taste offered by Filipino restaurants.

10. Be Careful
The last tip that I could give you is always to be careful. Just like traveling to any other country, you have to continually look after yourself and for people that you are with. Know safety precautions and guidelines and be knowledgeable about the emergency hotlines.

Now that you’ve got the top tips in traveling to the Philippines, it is time for you to start researching and working on your itinerary. I hope and wish that you will have tons of great memories as you travel. Stay safe, and have fun!

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