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Things to Do in Payson: The Heart of Arizona

Dubbed as the “Heart of Arizona” due to its geographical location in the State, Payson serves as one of the top go-to adventures of tourists – foreigners and locals alike. The place offers exciting outdoor activities year-round coupled with several places to explore. Thus, it is no wonder that its convenient location and the things Payson can offer make it an excellent place to visit.


The best time to go to Payson is during late winter (February) and spring (March to May) since the weather is ideal for outdoor activities and visiting places. These months are usually the busiest months for Payson in accommodating the number of tourists. If you would like to go on an off-peak season, then the month of August is the perfect one. In heading here, it will only take around one hour and forty-five minutes road trip if you are traveling from Phoenix. As the center of Arizona, it is conveniently reached by different areas. Here are some places which I highly recommend for your one-day visit here.

Paleo Site

As one of the most-visited place in Payson, the Paleo site gives you the once in a lifetime paleontologist experience. This will provide you with the opportunity to see different invertebrate fossils from three hundred million years ago- yup, this adventure is a pretty scientific and historical one. Fossils of fishes, insects, reptiles, and all other creatures can be seen. I am sure that if you bring the kids with you, this trip will be fun and a very educational one.

Mogollon Rim

the Mogollon Rim stretches from central Arizona up to New Mexico. The best activity done in this place is sightseeing. You will be welcomed with the view of high cliffs that are naturally made up of limestones and sandstones. If you are looking for more adventure, activities like hiking and horseback trails are also offered. As for those who enjoy fishing, the picturesque lakes are convenient for some boating and fishing activities.

Woods Canyon

The Wood Canyon has been welcoming families and travelers since 1956. This outdoor paradise operates from April to October (as these are the weather-friendly months) every year. It also offers tons of recreation that you and your family and friends can fully enjoy. Some of these activities include biking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and joining off-road trails. The place is ready to provide you with the utmost convenience since they also offer boat rentals, camping gears, firewood, groceries that offer food, beer, wine, fishing tackle, ice fishing, hunting licenses, and hunting permit tags. If you are bringing the kids with you, please feel free to hit the largest ice cream selection in entire Northern Arizona in this place.

So, you now realized that Payson is a fantastic place to visit. As you plan your trip in heading here, here are some tips that I can give to make your trip a comfortable and memorable one. First, prepare your itinerary well. Ensure that the places you plan to visit are suited for your number of days staying in the area.This will make sure that you can enjoy all the sites without worrying about the limited time.

Second, look for cheaper deals. If you plan to stay overnight or for days, then booking accommodation ahead of time will give you an advantage in getting cheaper deals. Lastly, enjoy the experience! The place, food, and everything in Payson will provide you with a very memorable time. So, you might as well take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest!