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Road Trip To Crown King Arizona

Crown King is located in Yavapai County, Arizona. It has a Mediterranean climate (dry season followed by monsoon thunderstorms). In heading here, you will be welcome to mountains, old towns, and of course, the well-known summer homes.

In just about two hours from Phoenix, you can already arrive at Crown King and experience all the things it could offer. In my experience, a day trip here is enough to visit four spots – all providing a unique and pleasurable journey.


1. Crown King Saloon and Café

The Crown King Saloon and Café has been providing services for 115 years now. Yes! You’ve read it right, 115 years. With its over century-old history, the place became a butcher shop, brothel, and generals stores. As you enter the, you will be welcomed with photos that show the historical memorabilia of the past. More so, the menu they offer daily is worth the shot. You get to satisfy your need for food and, at the same time, enjoy the historical vibes of the place.


2. The Prospector Mall

This mall may not be similar to the usual mall that we see in other cities. Well, for one, it is small in terms of structure, but what makes it worth the visit is the unique goods they offer like knives, home-made ice creams, and the likes. Additionally, they also provide excellent meals such as smoked pork spareribs and smoked chicken. Thus, making it worthy of being locally known as the Prospector Mall Smokehouse and Grill.


3. Horsethief Basin Lake

The Horsethief Basin Lake offers a variety of adventures and services. They have camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and OHV riding. The trails are open for day use year-round. Summer will be the perfect place to visit the site, especially if you plan to stay overnight since accommodations are unavailable during winters.


4. Hazlett Hollow Campground

The Hazlett Hollow Campground is a semi-primitive and small campground. It only has around fifteen campsites equipped with grills and tables, three shelters, and two vault toilets. Due to its small size, the place operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Plus, animal lovers out there would be happy to know that dogs are allowed in this campground for as long as they are on a leash.


Tips for Visiting Crown King, Arizona

• Double check your vehicle. The travel heading to this place may entail some bumpy and rough roads along the way. So, make sure that your car is conditioned for such a type of trip.

• Check through their website for announcements. Depending on weather conditions, there may be some inaccessible areas to explore for safety purposes.


• Lastly, enjoy the experience. The natural beauty of Crown King and all its areas to explore will fill your day trip with fun memories. Take photos, try out the restaurants, and enjoy the entire experience. The journey may be a bit tiring, but all of these would be paid-off once you’ve seen the place. Enjoy!

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