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Road Trip Arizona: Driving From Flagstaff To Hannagan Meadow- A Road Less Traveled

Road tripping has been one of the most liberating and exciting activities. There is an indescribable joy with the idea of hitting the road and traveling somewhere with the rest of the family or friends.

While traveling, we get to listen to good music, chit-chat about good old pieces of stuff and future plans, much some snacks, witness the scenic views, and ultimately, enjoy each other’s presence. If you’ve ever been on a road trip before, I am pretty sure that you can fully relate to the experience, and you are longing to do it once again after months of possible hiatus. Now, if you’re someone who hasn’t tried it, then you need to start planning now for your first-ever road trip escapade!


At Hannagan Meadow

Preparing for a road trip adventure is pretty easy. There are three things that you must be ready for ahead of time so that you can ensure the ultimate enjoyment of everyone.

First, prepare the vehicle! Make sure that your car or whatever vehicle you will use is ready for hitting the road. Check the fuel, oil, tires, and all other routine car checks.

Second, prepare your itinerary. Plan ahead of time by identifying which place and which areas in that place you would like to visit. Most importantly, plan the roads you’re going to take. Better to do some Google search when needed to see if there are currently not passable roads.

Lastly, prepare yourself! Yes, you have to be one hundred percent physically ready to go on a road trip. Through these preparations, I am sure that you’re going to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

One of the most memorable road trips we had was our trip from Flagstaff to Hannagan Meadow. We passed through a picturesque scenic drive at I-40. It has a distance of 224.1 miles, making it possible for you to travel in around 3 and half hours.



So, what’s with Hannagan Meadow, and why is it worth the visit? Hannagan Meadow Lodge was built back in 1926. It is rustic lodging located at Alpine, Arizona. In going here, you will get to enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, fly fishing, UTV tours, and snowshoeing (during the winter season). Hannagan Meadow Lodge prides itself on its ability to offer a scenic drive and roadways for its visitors.

When you stay at the lodge, you will be given two options to choose from for your accommodation. First, you can be a room guest at the lodge, or you can also stay in a rustic cabin. The difference between the two is that the lodge offers a more refined luxury type of stay, while the cabin allows you to enjoy your own space in the forest getaway. In heading here, you have to book your reservation through their website. Note that the place doesn’t have any television, elevator, nor phone signal! They only have a Wi-Fi connection. Thus, this journey will really offer you an out of the busy city vibe.



As for the dining experience, the Hannagan Meadow Lodge also has its own restaurant. When we visited here, we personally enjoyed their delicious meals along with the perfectly brewed hot coffee! They offer different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to mention, you are welcomed with an amazing view of the forest while eating your sumptuous meal or drinking your hot coffee. Yup, I only imagine this view back then in movies or in books; never did I expect that I am going to experience it first-hand on this road trip!


Best stops: Flagstaff to Hannagan Meadow

If I may suggest, you may also take some stop-overs depending on your time of travel.


Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

Location: Interatate 40, Exit 232

Winslow, Arizona

Morning  will be perfect at the Meteor Crater National landmark.

Visiting the biggest and the best-preserved meteor crater in the world, formed by a collision between an asteroid travelling 26,000 miles per hour and planet Earth approximately 50,000 years ago. 

Trailriders Family Restaurant and Bar

Grab your hearty meal at Trailriders Family Restaurant and Bar.

Location: 140 N Main Street

Eagar, Arizona



Alpine Arizona

At Alpine Arizona

Once you’ve reached Alpine, Arizona, stop for a gas station! This is crucial because there will be no other gas station before you reach Hannagan Meadow. So, you better fill your gas tanks for you to avoid other hassles later on.

Second Day: 

On our second day, it is time for us to experience all the fun things that Hannagan Meadow Lodge has to offer. Some of the activities that you can enjoy will be snowmobiling at the Arizona White Mountains (right after taking your sumptuous breakfast), led by an experienced guide.


More so, you can also visit the historic Bulky Cabin as part of the tour for only 75/hour. The tours would usually run from one to two hours. These activities, no matter how simple they may sound, would bring out the best in your trip! You will feel liberated and free as you enjoy the view and experience the activities.


In the afternoon, it is time for us to pack our bags and be ready to hit the road once more in going home. It’s time to go home and chase the money again – all for another set of road trip adventures in the future. Time to work in order to save and travel!


The road trip to Hannagan Meadow may not be as famous as the usual tourist spots we read online or see on the news. But as you experience your journey in heading here and as you enjoy the serenity of the place has to offer, I am a hundred percent sure that this road trip experience will be one of your best experiences too, just like we did. Good luck and have tons of fun!

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  • Great pics, as usual! We apply a BLOWBAGS check on our car before leaving for any trip. That’s Battery, Lubricants, Oil, Water, Brakes, Air, Gas, Spares. Used to be BLOWAG 30 years ago before some incidents added the brakes and spares.

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