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“Life may lead us where we least expect it, but have faith, we are exactly where we are meant to be”.

Hello everyone! My name is Marie Fe Amaya. Documenting and sharing with you my inspirational journey in life and family adventures through writing and photography. We hope you will get trip ideas in our family road trips.

Welcome to my journey in life and family adventure!

This blog site started last March 2016 when I was still in the Philippines. I felt like its fun to write about my stories and experiences in life. Though I was afraid and ashamed to publish it for I’m not good in English. I was eager to continue since in writing, my words are taken from my heart.

I stopped writing when I was busy preparing and processing my papers to come here in the US. When I got here with my daughter last March 2017, I thought I would still have time to write and continue the blog. But I was wrong. Because of being super busy, I needed to managed my time more effectively. Coping up with the new place, adjustments and being a mother were the things that occupied most of my time.

Being a wife also was my priority. I was working at my husband’s restaurant from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is my rest day wherein road trips were the highlights.

After a year of staying here in the US with my daughter, I decided to write again about my journey in life that includes road trips, going to restaurants, gardening and many more. As of the moment, we’re painting our house so I thought of writing about it.

About Me

I was a teacher in the Philippines. I taught kindergarten. I really love being with kids. We use Mother Tongue as medium of instruction in teaching, the reason why I’m not good in English. But we still had to teach other subjects such as Math, Science, Filipino, Makabayan, Physical Education (PE), and Computer.

I grew up being independent in life. My parents taught me how to become such. Way back when I was young, my siblings and I helped our father in the farm during weekends. I learned how to plant sugarcane, peanut,corn and vegetables. And oh, by the way, I am a farmer at heart. I was awarded being the “Best in Agriculture” during my high school days. My father was a farmer and my mother was a housewife but that doesn’t hinder from sending their children to college since they believe that education is very important.
I am a woman who is  willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of my loved ones. People may think that I got nothing to do because I’m small, but that wouldn’t stop me though. For deep in my  heart, I  believe in the saying that goes “small but terrible”.
A lot of adversities in life knocked me down many times. Lucky enough, I was able to stand up again and face the world with confidence accompanied by God’s love and protection. Shielded by God’s power, I was able to  proved to the world that I’m  not yet done. That I still have a lot to show. 
The song “Too much love will kill you” best describes me. Why? because my number one weakness  in life is “love”. When I loves someone, I think that “that someone” is my  world and that my life revolves around him.
Taking photos is my passion too. I loves doing it, and wishes I can afford to buy DSLR camera that would help me capturing every moment of my life

Work Experiences

At the age of 18, I already lived far away from my parents working at Mitsumi Inc. in Danao, Cebu Philippines.

 After I finished my contract for 8 months I then worked at a company in Pusok Lapu-Lapu, Cebu Philippines for 4 months. The owner sold the company so I went back to school to finished my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science course.

I was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for 5 years. I’ve been working in Taiwan for 3 years in an electronic company from year 2006 to 2009.
After my work contract in Taiwan for 3 years, I worked at a local budget office for 5 months in the Philippines and decided to go back abroad.

Year 2012 I then decided to go home for good to take care of my daughter. I enrolled units in Education and took the Teachers Licensure Exam and started teaching after I passed the exam.
Year 2017 to present I started working at my husband’s restaurant “ Tortas Chano” in Anthem, Arizona. I really enjoyed my job serving the customers.

Dreams in Life

To travel the world with my daughter and beloved husband.

Thank you everyone for giving your time to read my stories in life!

God Bless!

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  • Hello, I have read all of your posts and I must say you are really very strong woman. I really admire what you did in your life, how you were able to manage all of the things alone its really not easy. My mum grow me up too as a single mother so I know how hard it was for her.
    I hope you found your love today and it will keep forever.
    Wish you the best luck

  • Hello Marie Fe! I came across your blog when I was looking for OFWs working in Taiwan. I read your words and I find them inspiring, especially your blogposts about your family as well as your interesting and detailed description of your motivation to work as an OFW in Taiwan, what work was like, adapting to the many challenges and barriers of language and culture. I am glad that you persevered and did well. It is amazing what mothers like yourself are willing to do for the love of your children. I am a fellow OFW myself but I am combining working with pursuing for a PhD here in England. For a long time now, stories of OFW mothers like yourself working in Tech factories have not been much written about. Halos karamihan sa mga nasusulat ay tungkol sa mga nurses at mga caregivers nating OFW. Ang research ko ay tungkol sa mga Ina, Ate, Tita – mga babaeng OFW na nagsasakripisyo para sa pamilya sa mga factory sa Taiwan. Ibang klase ang challenges na pinagdadaanan ninyo, iba sa nurses, caregivers, teachers, etc. Kung mababasa mo ang message na ito, salamat sa pagsulat tungkol sa buhay mo sa Taiwan. It gave me so much insight. Nais ko rin sanang makausap ka at mabisita sa Taiwan kung naandiyan ka pa sa taong ito, when I will visit for field research. Isa kang inspirasyon Marie Fe, reading your story drives me all the more to delve into the world of OFW mothers who work in factories like yourself.

    I messaged you through Google Hangouts – if that was your account. Kung may panahon ka, I would be so happy if I can receive a reply from you either sa G+ account ko or sa email na eto (eto ang aking email sa university ko dito sa England) – xrj3@my.open.ac.uk

    Thank you and all the best to you, your family, and your future endeavours!

    Xenia Jones

  • Hi caz I’m truly amazed by your life story ever since we are young I always admired you my eyes tears I know how strong you are!you are truly amazing and a wonder woman khit maliit ka pero matibay😂 sa dami ng trials na pinagdaanan mo but I believed in saying “there is a rainbow after the rain”you are one of my inspiration sometimes it’s hard but we need to fight and move forward and that’s life and yes you are right ang galing ng pagpapalaki ng tiyo and tiya lhat sa inyo you’re story can change someone’s life na nawawalan ng pag asa kagaya ko hehe thank you for sharing your blog remember that you inspired me so many things in life…i missed you!

    • Haha! I miss you too my dear cousin. Salamat sa comments mo dito. I’m just inspired to write and share my story. Kahit ano mang pagsubok na dumating sa buhay natin never give up. Hindi tayo nag iisa. Our Almighty Father is always there to guide and protect us.

  • Hi. Thank you for following me kabayan. You are a very strong and remarkable woman. I hope to see more of you here in the blogosphere.

  • Hi Marie Fe! Thank you for following my blog! Sinu-sino pa ba ang magdadamayan kung hindi tayu-tayo ring mga Pilipina? If you have time, please visit my Facebook business page: Stargazer Bles. Btw, when’s your birthday? Needless to say, I am an astrologer & oracle to the angels & diwatas. I would love to get to know a gutsy, creative, and hardworking Filipina like you. *BLES

  • I am glad I came across your blog. Reading your ABout Me section gave me this unexplainable feeling, lukso ng dugo ng OFW ba ito? 🙂 I can see that you are a very strong woman.

    • Hello kabayan 🙂 yan ang buhay OFW. At yan ang dugo ng pinay gagawin ang lahat para sa pamilya. Thanks for your comment sis. It’s my ups and down in life. God bless

  • Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to your blog. I enjoyed reading your life story. Glad to see more “kababayan” at blogsphere. Keep on blogging.

    • Hello sir, I’m really inspired to write and share about my story in life. I am very thankful for the people who followed me. I am very happy everytime there’s someone who like my post and followed me. Thanks much sir 🙂

  • Thank you Marie Fe for liking my post on living in Las Vegas . I so appreciate it . Your story is so inspirational . May God continue to bless you and your family . Will be following your blog . Have a blessed day .

    • Hi Jo Ann, thank you too..I’m just back to blogging last month. I’m trying to write and share my stories in life. I’m very busy with my full time job at my husband’s restaurant, but I’m trying my best to post even just once a week. Thank you so much! I hope to meet more friends here.

  • So good to “meet” you, Marife! If I’m ever traveling back through that part of AZ I will look you up at the restaurant! You sound like a strong, strong soul.

    • Hello ma’am!nice to meet you too! I’m back to blogging just last month. I find hard adjusting my life here in US. I feel so alone. Until I received an email from someone who message here on my blog. That’s why I decided to go back to blogging to meet more friends. I don’t feel alone now.Everytime I received a message here on blog or even just a like on my post i am happy already and don’t feel alone and empty. Thank you so much! Hope we will meet in person someday. The restaurant where I work is just located here in Anthem Arizona. Take care!

    • Thank you! Nice to meet you. I followed you on Facebook. Just new to blogging. Still exploring my blog. I’m so inspired with travel bloggers. I’m following great bloggers to learn more on blogging.

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